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Capitalizerr Financial Limited is an online investment & wealth management corporation for individuals and groups from all around the world. The services we provide are not only a standing out interest on the deposits, but also an additional income source with our affiliate program which can also be profitable (and not only for affiliate professionals)! We provide you with account privacy in the highest levels, advanced account security features and also backend security features (like DDoS Protection, Dedicated Server, Military Grade SSL Security). The financial portfolio we manage is backed by multiple positions and several investment fields all around the world. We not only invest into Cryptocurrencies, but also to ICOs and several other stable, high return possibilities.

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How We Work

Our Values

One of the most important things that you can do as an investor is to get an early start on investing. The old saying “the early bird gets the worm” certainly applies to investing in a big way. If you invest with us now, the time will be on your side, since you already made your commitment.

Our Approach

By operating a worldwide investment company, we are allowing everyone, from every jurisdiction to make investments with us. We are not selective by nationalities, races or anything else, we are happy to offer anyone the possibility to invest for their future.

Our Goals

We strive to become the nr1 investment company online, not only for short, but for long term deposits too. By constantly analyzing the competition & market needs, we grow step by step to offer better services. Our goals are fixed, but we are always redesigning the steps needed to reach them.

Our Company

Here are a few words from our company CEO and Funds Management officier.


Adam Smith

CEO of company

Make your daily income more than your daily spending and your life will be happy! Let our company help you with that. It only takes a single investment.


Nico Rabio

Funds Management

Many people take no care of their money till they come (nearly) to the end of it. Do not be one of them, act now before it's late. Make more day by day with our investment offers.

Best For Business


It is a privilege to have you as a Capitalizerr member! Our membership is FREE for lifetime! We do not request any personal details and do not report your transactions.


We provide stable & sustainable profit for our investors. Depending on the plan you select, the principal is included in the daily payments or with the one time payment on expiration.


We carefully review our client's accounts for hacking / scam attempts. All withdrawals are manually reviewed by skilled staff, and processed in 24-72 hours.


Our affiliate program gives you a second stream of income, where you can earn funds not even from deposits from external payment systems, but even with deposits from the account balance.